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Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Hello everyone!
Outlaws of Thunder Junction is almost out!
This edition is very above average and it will definitely affect Modern metagame, preparing us for soon MH3 shock!

I expect ofc for MH3 to be big shake up to Modern meta and people to need long time before realizing real power of everything that will be release there.
I believe I got good understanding of power level of newly printed cards and can sometimes evaluate enormous potential of new cards sooner then most other Modern players.

This is why I will occasionally try to share some of my thoughts with my subscribers, to help them continue developing ideas from my YT channel and socials in right direction or potentially inspire them to make their own brews.
Today I will talk about some of my favorites from OTJ!

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There are many other exciting cards that are very playable in modern, but i will just list some of them as this edition is too good for me to be able to comment through everything im interested in, so here they are at the end of article and thx for reading this far!

I acknowledge there are even other nonmentioned good cards in this edition too, but his ones are most my style and cards ill be working with!

Let me know if u want to see this type of content frequently!

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