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How Decktionary Works

For the creatorFor the reader

For the Content Creators

Decktionary is an online membership platform specifically made for Magic the Gathering. Looking to create some MTG content and don’t know where to publish it? Or are you already creating content and looking for a way to monetise it?

  • Free or Paid for Content

    Free content is a great way to get your name out there, and paid-for content is a great way to bring value to your paying members. You can choose how your content is accessed depending on what suits you and your audience.

  • Bring your fans closer!

    Bring you and your fans closer together with your creator wall where you can post, ask questions, and create a community. You do not have to write articles or guides to be a Decktionary creator, you simply need to create MTG content online.

  • Grow your audience

    How do players find your content? Dictionary offers a central place to locate content creators and filter down by style, format, archetype, or deck enabling people to find you and your content.

  • Creator’s Discord

    We are stronger together! That’s why all creators for Dectionary gain exclusive access to our creator’s channel on our discord. Find people to do collaborations with, guests for podcasts, get advice from others or just chat with like-minded people.


Do I have to write articles or guides to be a Decktionary creator?

You do not need to write deck guides or articles to be a creator on Decktionary. Creators, such as YouTubers, streamers, or podcasters can benefit from the various features we offer such as; offering viewers to financially support your content through membership tiers, and in return, you can offer other perks such as private discord access, Q&A’s or shout outs.

You can also take advantage of being part of the Decktionary content creator discord, where you can talk to creators similar to yourself. You can share experiences, seek advice from like-minded people, or look for guest features for videos & podcasts

How do I upload my articles/guides to Decktionary? Is it complicated?

Not at all! If you already have written content you have produced you can send it over in PDF (or whatever other format you might use) via email and we will take the content from the PDF and turn it into a professional-looking guide or article on the website. 

If you have not written the content yet we can send over a template to help you get started, once you are happy with your work just let us know and we will take care of the rest.

Why would I use this over Patreon/ other membership platforms?

Decktionary is bringing all the various MTG-related Patreon creators together under one roof. This means if a reader wants to find a particular type of content they can have a singular place to find it. Typically only your existing fans will come across your patreon, whereas on Decktionary the idea is to bring the creators to the reader giving everyone better exposure to you the creator.

If you want to publish any written content then Decktionary will bring your content to the next level, making downloadable PDFs a thing of the past. Instead bring interactive webpages to your readers where they can view the cards by hovering over them, use tabs to show and hide different sideboarding information and so much more. Utilizing these features will also help protect your content from being shared online for free.

You can also take advantage of being part of the Decktionary content creator discord, where you can talk to creators similar to yourself. You can share experiences, seek advice from like-minded people or look for guest features for videos & podcasts.

Can I use Decktionary & Patreon?

Yes! If you already have an existing set of supporters on Patreon there is no reason to not give them the option of both platforms and see which they prefer. If you have any content you would like published on both simply send us a copy of the content and we will take care of publishing it on Decktionary for you.

What are the fees like in comparison to other platforms such as Patreon?

Patreon, for example, has quite a complex fee system using both flat fees & percentage fees. These fees consist of; income fees, currency conversion fees, payout fees, and processing fees. In practice, these fees tend to total between 10-20%. Decktionary has a much simpler approach with a fee of just 10% + £0.20 per subscriber. This helps us pay for processing fees and to keep the lights on.

Become a Decktionary Creator

If you would like to become a creator here on Decktionary, get in touch below.

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For the Reader

Looking for content on a specific deck or format and not sure where to start? Tired of searching online for deck guides on Twitter or Reddit? Well, Decktionary has got you covered! Decktionary is a central hub for articles and deck guides by some of the best players magic has to offer! This content is brought to you by the players themselves and enables you to directly support them for their content here, as well as on other platforms.

  • Easy to find

    Decktionary makes it easier than ever to find content for a specific format, archetype, or deck of your choice. Some content is freely available whilst some more premium content may be exclusive for people who support that content creator.

  • Show your support

    Support your favorite content creators, be that for the content they create on here or other platforms! Creators do not have to write articles or guides here to have their subscriptions, maybe they are a YouTuber who you would like to support. If they are an MTG content creator and you would like to support them on Decktionary please let them know or get in contact with us and we will let them know!

  • Tiers

    Various memberships will have tiers that unlock benefits the creator provides, such as deck submissions, access to their private wall, Q&As, private discord access, and the list goes on! Check out your favorite content creator’s page to see what their tiers have to offer.