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Break Out Zoo!

Murders of Karlov Manor is bringing creature decks a powerful new tool in Break Out.

This strange sorcery can give creature decks a surprising amount of consistency provided you build your deck correctly. As predominantly an aggressive player, I will be looking at this in aggro shells. But if you are more combo-orientated, this can most definitely go into combo decks too.

The first place my mind took me when reading this card was oh-my-god I can play a Territorial Kavu with haste on turn 2! This sounds like so much fun! A 2 mana 5/5 haste is incredibly powerful, but then looking at my list in Domain Zoo, there are not actually that many 2 mana creatures (Scion of Draco most notably not counting for Break Out). And then Orcish Bowmasters not being made much better by haste made me think this probably isn’t as powerful as I so badly wanted it to be. To make the most of the haste you ideally have to have high-power creatures such as Nishoba Brawler and Tarmogoyf. But how big can we actually make Tarmogoyf on turn 2 without going too far out of our way? 3/4 at best.

Trying to rack my brain, I was trying to think what creatures are really big for just 1-2 mana? And that’s when I got taken back to my grassroots, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to a pet card of mine Myr Superion.

Yes, a whopping 5/6 worth of stats for just 2 mana! Sure the drawback sucks, but we can ignore it with Break Out. “But what if you draw the myr Smurfy?” Need I remind you of Burning-tree Emissary and Hidden Herbalists? I think this could be a really fun shell for Break Out, and as a Zoo/ Aggro enthusiast I was able to look back on my Youtube channel (Smurfyyy) and find old lists for these whacky Zoo lists. I’ll first show you the old list (over 6 years old) and then | will provide the new list I will be testing out as soon as I can get my hands on a playset of Break Out.

8-Tree (The name didn’t catch on) – Smurfyyy

Break Out Zoo – Smurfyyy

So as you can see with the updated list I have added a domain sub-theme to accommodate for the biggest 2 drop on the block, Territorial Kavu. This also makes room for Tribal Flames which is one of the easiest ways to close out a game if the ground gets filled up with blockers. The deck is full of the biggest creatures for their mana you can find (believe me, I searched scryfall more than I care to admit!). Overall I think this will be a fun deck to try out, and can’t wait to test it on MTGO.

Whilst I have plenty more thoughts on Break Out, like it’s impact on side boarding in hate-bear style creatures like Lavinia, Azorius Renegade, I think I’ll save that for another day. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new card, Break Out so make sure to leave a comment with any ideas. There is no doubt as soon as this card in on MTGO I will be posting plenty of content here, on Twitter and over on my Youtube channel, so make sure to follow/ subscribe if you want to see more Break Out!