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Domain Zoo – An In Depth Guide


You wanna play Domain Zoo? Well, you have come to the right place! If you don’t know me, my name is Michael Baalham, but better known in the magic world as Smurfyyy. I have been playing domain Zoo in modern since before the printing of the new domain cards such as Territorial Kavu, Scion of Draco and Leyline Binding. With the years of experience playing Zoo, top 8ing countless modern events with the deck and the huge selection of videos I have made over on my YouTube channel, has given me a deep insight into the archetype. In this in-depth guide, I am going to share the knowledge I have acquired with you, giving you the tips and tricks to smash your opponent down.

Most Recent Changes

Since the meta has changed I have updated the sideboard accordingly. The sideboard matrix is being updated and will become more and more up-to-date.

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