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Smurfyyy is a MTG content creator, competitive player and member of Team Templar. With a passion for aggressive deck he has an extensive array of modern Zoo content from deck tech, guides and gameplay.

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Hey, welcome to my Decktionary wall! I do my best to create various types of content and always try to offer as much of it for free as possible. If you are in a position where you are able to and would like to show your support check out the tiers below. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Support Tier
This gives you access to all of my preium content here on Decktionary (Zoo guide!!) whilst also showing your support for my content on my youtube channel.
Medium Tier
This is a higher Tier which still gives you access to all of my premium content here on Decktionary but also includes a monthly deck review where I can help improve your deck!
Pimp Tier
Woah, alright big spender! This one is for the ballers, it gets you all my content here on Decktionary, the monthly deck review and if I like your list enough it might be in my next video!

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I have been thinking about doing a podcast, is this something you guys would like...

What to play in Standard?

Not sure what to play in standard with the new season starting. Any deck suggestions?...

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