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Modern on a Budget Week 2 – DORAN SLAPPP

Well, let’s address the elephant in the room – Doran did in fact not slappp, but in fact was very much slappped. I think I overcompensated a little with this one, in that 8 Whack felt like a cheap shot at the challenge, as it’s of course a known ‘powerful’ budget deck. I mean I even sleeved this one up in the cheapest sleeves I owned, and used empty sleeve packaging as my deck box.

I definitely overcorrected into the territory of ‘but this would be hilarious’, which this deck choice was, however it wasn’t really in the ‘spirit’ of the budget challenge.

With all that said, it was fun, and when it worked it was a real chefs kiss moment. The primary issue is removal is simply too cheap in Modern, and my goodness it hits this deck like a train. There were situations where you’d need to double the ‘Doran’ effect prior to swinging to be safe, due to cards like Leyline Binding exisiting.

I don’t think there’s too much point theory crafting on ‘how to make this deck work’, as it’s simply too slow to be effective in the current meta game. It would put up a better fight in heavier creature deck matchups, and did a great job of ‘stopping the Ragavan nimble pilferer connection’. All in all though, the gameplan is far too easy to see coming, and even easier to stop with counter magic/removal.

I believe I took a game off three opponents, but no more. The die rolls didn’t help admittedly, as I believe I lost 4/4 which when using a deck like this isn’t ideal.

I don’t think this is one I’d run back, except for the memes.

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